Lucienne Bloch: dentro la vita di Frida Kahlo

26 Apr Lucienne Bloch: dentro la vita di Frida Kahlo

The new exhibition “Lucienne Bloch: dentro la vita di Frida Kahlo” will take place in Rome at the Thesign Gallery -via Piemonte 125|A-  from May 5th to July 1st. The photographic exhibition is a collection of 76 images (among which 8 sketches) of Frida Kahlo’s life realized by Lucienne Bloch. The show casts a new light on the highlight and the everyday life of an artist who made the history of her own Country and went far beyond the borders of Mexico. More than sixty photos represent Frida and the Mexican environment in a close and frank way; there is her together with her husband, or her in a pensive pose next to the window, or her at the railway station frowning because of the sun. The unique and original setting aims at including visitors in the scene. As the title itself reads, dentro la vita di Frida Kahlo [Inside the life of Frida Kahlo], those who come in the rooms of Thesign Gallery are invited to feel part of an unparalleled atmosphere. The purpose of the curators is to make each visitor feel as if he or she were the personal photographers of Frida. The objective is to recall the life of the Mexican painter through the camera lens. Not only does this exhibit illustrate the friendship between Frida Kahlo and Lucienne Bloch but it also provides a characterization of the Mexican painter from a privileged and deep perspective. The exhibition is organized in partnership with the gallery Ono Arte Contemporanea of Bologna, the Westin Excelsior Hotel of Rome and the publishing company Rapsodia Edizioni. Moreover, the show is held with the patronage of the Mexican Embassy and of the Regione Lazio. Dimensione Suono 2 is the media partner of the expo. Tacos and Beer, as technical sponsor, is in charge of the catering of all the events.  In addition, Speedy Pins will provide the prints of all informative and promotional material.   The dense agenda begins with the press conference on Thursday May 4th at 12.00 p.m. at The Westin Excelsior Hotel of Rome. An exclusive preview presenting four photos will take place at the hall of the hotel in Via Veneto 125; afterwards a preview at the  Thesign Gallery will follow. The exhibition prints of the said works will be exposed at the hotel for the whole length of the show. The next appointment, in Via Piemonte 125/A on Friday, May 5th at 6.30 p.m., consists in the vernissage and the launch of the new limited edition of the vase Frida (belonging to the line Sister), created by its designer Pepa Reverter e produced by the pottery company Bosa di Italo Bosa. These events are created to meed the needs of a broad and diverse public: a charity event involving the members of the Rotary club the will take place in mid-May; a presentation of the book Frida  of the series Antiprincipesse of Rapsodia Edizioni will occur on May 31st, on that occasion there will be a debate about the book, which, starting from the experiences of the Mexican artist, challenges the symbol of the traditional princess to cast a new light upon the new heroines: independent, ambitious and determined. The finissage of Friday, July 1st will conclude the exhibit. The agenda does not end here. New events will be soon uploaded on the official webpage and social network of Thesign Gallery. Lucienne Bloch (1909-1999) was an American photographer of Swiss origin. Her father, Ernst Bloch, Swiss composter and violinist, approved her dedication to the art world and encouraged her career since her early childhood. She is best known for her association with the Mexican artist Diego Rivera who introduced her to his wife, Frida Kahlo, giving rise to a long lasting friendship. The exhibit starts exactly from there, from a special vantage point. More than sixty photographs taken from a close perspective represent Frida’s natural habit; there is Frida deep in her thoughts next to the window or frowning at the railway station because of the sunlight. Inside Frida’s life and next to Lucienne’s lens to capture the best and worst moments of an extraordinary and tormented life. Despite what one may think, however,  their first meeting was way far from being calm and peaceful. “I hate you”, these were the first words said by Frida Kahlo to Lucienne. It was 1931 and there was a party  for Diego Rivera at the MOMA of New York. At the time Block used to work as his assistant which made Frida hastily think she was one of his husband’s lovers. But looks can be deceiving. Eventually Lucienne proved to be a true and reliable friend; she was by her side after her abortion, her mother’s death and the continuous betrayals of Rivera. Frida and Lucienne shared political ideals and a sincere passion for art. The political interests together with the common denominator of art and a stable basis of  values strengthen the understanding and synergy between Kahlo and Frida. Not only does this photographic exhibition illustrate their friendship but it also provides a picture of the Mexican painter from a privileged and deep perspective.  
Lucienne Bloch: dentro la vita di Rida Kahlo
Thesign Gallery
5 May – 1 July 2017
Thesign Gallery
Monday – Saturday 10:00 – 19:00
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