The 16th of June will be a great evening, where various initiatives will be conveyed. The event will have a twofold value: We will celebrate the 1st anniversary of Thesign Gallery and, at the same time, finalize the charity auction in favor of the Fundacion Clara Moreno y Miramon, which after 100 years since its foundation is still hard at work for the protection and assistance of mexican girls living in disadvantaged conditions. The entrance will be with a compulsory free donation that, together with the auction proceeds, will be entirely devolved. The host for the evening will be Lady Katia Ricciarelli; She will present the beneficial auction to the public. It will also be an opportunity of outmost importance for our partners that will be presenting their products which have received positive feedback in both the domestic and foreign market. [Cantors – Carpanelli – Bosa) Bosa, recognised leader in ceramic production since 1976, has chosen to become our special partner by designing producing a limited edition (10 pieces) of Sister Frida specifically for the ongoing exhibition “Lucienne Bloch: in life By Frida Kahlo “. The Sister in question, designed by internationally renowned designer Pepa Reverter, will also be produced in a unique specimen, characterized by a particular precious elements and will be the main item of interest of the charity auction. The curator of the Art Exhibition, Art director Dr Patrizia Andreocci, will illustrate the various artwork on display – most of them available for sale – describing the individual shots depicting the artist’s various moments of life. The event will have musical accompaniment by piano master Marco Bosco, while catering will be taught by the technical sponsor Tacos & Beer. At the end of the evening there will be an artistic performance – interpreted by Claudia Balsamo – inspired by Frida Kahlo: a way to immerse yourself fully in Frida’s life and Lucienne’s goal to capture the best and worst moments of her intense and troubled existence.   For More details on the Event please click Here.