We interpret a style
to define your space

The Studio, Interior Design_Roma

Tell us about you, what you like and what you are looking for. Let’s develop a dialogue in order to better understand the perfect space for you. Rely on our way to do interior design.

A peaceful spot
An attic full of life
Between memory and change
Light lines, essential forms
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From sketch to reality
When your dream meets our project, is there where the reality gets defined. Look at the process how it evolves thanks to the services we propose, from planning to consulting; from graphic design to virtual reality to renders.

We assist you in choosing materials and finishes from the best stores in Rome and we offer our expertise on interior design. Our selection of luxury furniture has a wide range of excellences.


As interior designers in Rome, we execute a metric survey of the estate, residential or commercial, and provide an overview of your requests. Afterwards we translate everything into restoration proposals. From the first sketches the ideas are developed into projects.


After the conceptual phase, we show you how we’ve been imagining your place. Thanks to 3D models and photorealistic views, you will be able to see all the details that will make up your space.


When it comes to implementing the project, we assist the work and construction site by coordinating all the phases of the restoration process; we take care of the deliveries, the quality of materials and the general compliance of the results.


We present to the Technical Office all the administrative documents needed and we provide you the best construction companies to ensure an excellent job execution. Together with the project, we estimate an approximate quote for the work to be done.


We formulate brand and corporate design oriented proposals. We offer activities of communication, graphic design and advertisements; in addition, we are glad to fulfil any requests about custom artwork to be added in your project.


Here we take notes about the way we work and develop. We include you in every creative phase; we make you part of the team, its synergy and continuing dialogue.

We are as you see us
Salvo Nicosia, interior designer | co-founder
Stefano Liardo, engineer | co-founder
Cinzia Giagnotti, accounting manager | co-founder
With steady principles and boundless inspiration. At the service of your style

Francesco Cavallo, senior designer
Federica Laganà, senior graphic designer