It is the least codified method to decorate a house, as it is a crossover of different styles blended according to the differing personalities of those who live it. A “non-style style” or rather a “style above other styles”.

If you are of the curious type that likes experimenting, this is the style that suits you. The underlying mood that transpires from this interior is the result of mixing inspirations mediated and sweetened by an urban culture. A style that spans through time and fashion as well as space and traditions that have forever been rooted within.

The interior design in eclectic style is characterized by the combination of elements from different eras creating surprising but consistent combinations. It is a perfect style for those who love modern decor despite having a penchant for rococo ornaments and furniture circumscribed by old flavor. It is therefore recommended for the courageous people with a good sense of taste.

Distant and detached from the usual dictation that outlines the structure of a domestic environment, this house is a work of art that pends on the inversion of its royalties as its creative force. Enhanced by a light that reverberates its presence in every corner, the eclectic architecture of the environment plays around with the cliché rulebook by inverting and diversifying the classic division of the day-night area. The palette of colors that characterizes the walls of the rooms revolve around two different shades of gray, which in their elegant neutrality become the right frame ready to welcome and enhance the mélange of balanced beauty.

Prints showing iconography of the past as well as relics mixed with geometric accessories made of glass or steel are thus advised. For a furnishing game that honors the sacred and captivates the eye of the profane. Working and playing around with distinct color contrasts is the word of order for Eclectic aesthetics, by pointing on the balance between past and present creating extra-temporal effects at home. However, pay attention to the selection and placement of furniture accessories in the room: the eclectic style requires sensitivity and intuition; without due attention it is easy to stir up confusion and inconsistency.

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