Modern and sober environments with geometric structures, basic furnishing and neutral colors are all traditional elements that characterize the minimalist style.
Order, elegance, functionality and practicality are the key words of this kind of furnishing method, although this does not imply a sterile or cold effect; oppositely it creates a very pleasant and relaxing environment.

Spaces must be open and airy with no unnecessary frills or bulky items in place. In terms of decorative elements the only exceptions are made for some modern paintings or contemporary sculptures that integrate this trend thoroughly.

In such a context of modernity and simplicity the choice of monochrome black, white, gray and beige and so in short, neutral colors are perfect: the only touches of vivid color are allowed in limited and circumscribed spaces, allowing a less evident and nearly unobservable impact. The preferred materials in this case are wood, cement, resin, metals and chromed steel. Quality leather for sofas and armchairs as well as crystal or glass tables also help attain this method of furnishing.
The minimalist style is born from the necessity of a design with simple and clean lines, free from all those excesses that characterized the decor of the past years. However, the elegance and sobriety of the décor is always maintained. A design that might strike as apparently rigorous but that does not forget the comfort and above all does not exclude high quality materials that are sophisticated but never flashy.

Cupboards and shelves, whose surfaces can be lacquered, shiny or opaque depending on the taste have linear, square and regular forms: cubic and rectangular shapes where few ornaments are laid are often used.

A great amount of importance is alas given to the element of light: large windows without curtains favor the entry of natural light while cold white based light lamps offer a simple artificial lighting design that never results intrusive.

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